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Curators of Artisan Soaps, 70% Olive Oil Soaps,and Bath and Body Products

About Ma's Goodie's

Ma's Goodies is a New Zealand enterprise that was set up in 2020 - as an aging mother of four children, I wanted a new challenge. Having tolerated sensitive, problematic skin most of my life, I noticed as I aged that my skin got drier, thinner, and more sensitive than ever.  I wanted to create products that are gentle on the skin, pampering, promote skin health, and did not break the bank. Ma's Goodies is about creating wellness for our skin - it is an investment in skin health. Whilst testing and trialing a range of products and ingredients in my home kitchen, Ma's Goodies has settled on a range of small-batch artisan, cold process soaps, and hand and body products that are handcrafted with care. Each ingredient has been purposefully selected to mildly cleanse,  work on improving skin texture, be smoothing, hydrate, and soften the skin. This improves moisturisation and skin health. Sustainability and environmentally safe products are core values of Ma's Goodies, in addition to experiencing a luxury, great-smelling product at an affordable price. All ingredients in Ma's Goodies are sourced locally within New Zealand and use environmentally friendly packaging.

Natural Soap and Flowers

Our Mission

We strive to deliver friendly, prompt, and excellent service to our customers with high-quality, all-natural products that address skin concerns, promoting fine skin health. 


We strive to make quality skincare affordable, whilst producing products that meet the purpose of promoting and maintaining skin health.

Natural Beauty Products
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