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What isn't good about the KawaKawa Plant?

Updated: Mar 17

The leaves from the KawaKawa plant have a multitude of uses. It is the good tonic that just keeps on giving. Used for a multitude of ailments, KawaKawa is an amazing natural healing plant.

At Ma's Goodie's we have included some Magnesium Oil in our KawaKawa balm to provide a double dose of all things great for relieving cramps, muscle pain, stress, anxiety, and poor sleep. The Kawakawa leaves have been infused with Sweet Almond Oil. KawaKawa is a traditional plant used for the repair of the skin, it's anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, and the ability to tackle stubborn rashes.

This balm has been made using traditional Maori Tikanga in the gathering of the KawaKawa leaves and the making of the KawaKawa Oil. It is then blended with Magnesium Oil, a little Shea Butter, a few drops of lavender oil, and beeswax to deliver an amazing healing balm.

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