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Discover the Merits of Ma's Goodies Shampoo Bars

Updated: Sep 26

We have been working on a formulation for shampoo bars for some time now in response to queries regarding if we had these in our product range. After much testing and reformulating, we believe we have designed a product that our customers will enjoy.

What is in a shampoo bar?

Ma's Goodies bars are a delicate combination of plant-based surfectants, organic oils, and butters. They are then delicately scented. These bars are suitable for all hair types, delivering good detangling properties, frizz ease, and outstanding softness and shine.

Why use a shampoo bar?

There is a multitude of reasons to switch to a bar, including:

  • they produce soft foam that will not dry your hair

  • they nourish hair as they cleanse

  • they are long-lasting

  • they do not take up the space that traditional bottles take in your bathroom

  • they are a great product to travel with.

  • they are significantly more environmentally safe as they do not contain the harsh chemicals of traditional shampoos, and of course, they are plastic free

How to use shampoo bars?

These are incredibly simple to use. A few swipes along your wet hair and you are set to lather and rinse. It is a good idea to keep your shampoo bar on a small dish that can drain to ensure you get maximum mileage out of it. You can supplement your shampoo bar with a conditioner bar to complete your hair treatment.

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